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At Sole Senses we believe that the mind, body and emotions cannot be separated when treating conditions and on this basis we look to treat clients holistically. We are passionate about the far reaching benefits that reflexology can have on the body and soul and hope that we can encourage people to truly embrace this fantastic treatment.

Jo Gauci - Reflexologist (MAR)

What our Clients think!

"I have been having reflexology with Jo since 29-30 weeks pregnant as I was suffering from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. At first the pain was so severe it kept me up at night and made me feel depressed. The weekly sessions with Jo have had such a big impact. 10 weeks on the pain has gone and I don't know what I would have done without it. Thank you so much for a lovely relaxing treatment!" Helen B, Cardiff


"I have seen Jo for 2 years and can honestly say that the change in me has been outstanding. I don't suffer from IBS anymore and my stress and anxiety levels have drastically reduced. Thanks Jo, you're a star!" Jason T, Cardiff

"I find it difficult to relax but find my reflexology session extremely relaxing. If I could only give myself one treat a month, my reflexology session would be at the top of my list. It's gorgeous!" Sharon W, Cowbridge

"Jo does not promise miracle cures but treatments for me have been incredibly beneficial. Puffy feet back to normal and mood greatly improved. Energy levels vary but are significantly higher than pre-treatment. My back pain is less severe so my mobility has improved. My stomach is much more settled. Jo is an excellent practitioner and always gives as much time as needed in each session in a very calming environment, definitely not a clock watcher. I enjoy treatments with her and feel that I have benefitted significantly from these. I would recommend her highly to anyone interested in reflexology." Anna F, Cardiff

"I was given a reflexology voucher as a Christmas present which I have always wanted to try, as I do suffer from some aches and pains. That was two years ago and I have been having monthly treatment since. This treatment I find is relaxing and strips away any tension that I may have. I would recommend it to anyone." Sue S, Cardiff

"I attended a conference last year and during the lunch break reflexology "taster" sessions were on offer. I knew nothing about it but having had 20 minutes of effective relaxation during what was a very stressful day, I felt this could be for me.

My job can be very demanding with periods of high activity and tight deadlines. I know that when i'm stressed I don't sleep very well, and that the tension i'm feeling will manifest itself in my back, neck and shoulders causing stiffness and pain.

I started coming to see Jo just over a year ago and do feel better for having done so. Reflexology has helped me not only physically but also psychologically - my attitude to work and life in general is far more even and balanced and I do feel more in control with a mostly proactive approach to whatever comes my way.

It's been a very gradual change, but a lasting one and i'm very grateful to Jo for both her advice and expertise - I look forward to my sessions and reflexology has become very much a part of my life and routine". Kathryn E, Cardiff

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